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I've finally released my new Fido and Daisy cartoon! It's the first episode of their own series.

I've had a lot of fun animating these characters. I've got several more ideas for future episodes. And if you're a sprite animator with nothing to do, come join Sunrie's Holy Sprites 3 which is right here: 64391

-Joseph Wirick
(Animator, Designer).

I've managed to finish animation on my new Fido and Daisy cartoon and it's all done! It'll be premiering tonight on the portal. I'm just letting you know how I've progressed on this animation.

It's been so long since I've done one of these. But, recently I've managed to finish animation on the upcoming Fido and Daisy animation. It may be released some time this month.

What I'll be celebrating inside the portal.

2011-05-01 18:46:00 by OutcastLabs

Here's what NG Holidays I'll be participating in:

Robot Day 2011:"The 2nd Annual Robot Day Olympics"
A short sprite crackup starring Metal Sonic.

Clock Day 2011:An entry for a Clock Day collab.

Madness Day 2011:Something more longer and
different than "Madness Crackups" which is the entry I did last year.

Halloween 2011:This is...Great Pumpkin:A mashup of 300 and
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.


New Fido and Daisy Cartoon!

2011-03-25 16:53:09 by OutcastLabs

Recently this week, I've just finished animation on a remake of one of my earlier shorts featuring Fido and Daisy. Now, you can see it here:


It's just a little practice for my Fido and Daisy series that I'm working on.

"I have some announcements to make."

2011-01-26 09:24:37 by OutcastLabs

It's about time that I give you a trailer for my upcoming sketch comedy series for Funny or Die, OCLabs:


OCLabs is going to be adapted as a web series for one of the funniest video sites on the web. The project is both in production and development. The episodes will broadcasted on here. So I hope to look forward to this epic project.

Also, I was a guest animator for Chip's Mischallenge 2, which won 3rd place and the front page, and Game Under!:Volume 3 which be released real soon.

Fido N' Daisy

2010-12-18 06:04:16 by OutcastLabs

I've recently released a new episode of OCLabs. A few months ago I released the first couple of episodes, which are sprite animation done in a webcomic style. In my new episode, Fido and Daisy Dottie pay tribute to the Shape N' Shape fad by playing a game of fetch gone wrong. Check it out:

Also it's my 20th submission on Newgrounds. I've sure had a lot of fun on this site so far ever since I signed in. I can't wait for what's happening in 2011!

Recently this month, I've doing a lot of work on the first episode of Fido and Daisy. Also, I've been working on the remake of my first Fido and Daisy short. If you look at the comparsion here, you'll see how much I've improved since I came up with my idea about a girl and a dog.

Fido and Daisy:Episode 1 Production Blog#05

My New Layout!

2010-11-10 17:40:39 by OutcastLabs

Today, I've decided to make some changes to my account page. I've changed the icons and the layout. I've have a lot of fun on this site. So far, I've participated in a couple of collabs, and I've celebrated Madness Day 2010 with "Madness Crackups". 2011 is almost coming, so that's why I've redesigned my page layout.

I've been doing my best with the animation on Fido and Daisy Episode 1. I've decided not to use subtitles, so I think it's better without it. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to when this whole thing is finished.