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OutcastLabs's News

Posted by OutcastLabs - October 10th, 2010

Today, I've been doing a lot of animation on the series premiere of Fido and Daisy. Here's the 1st sequence I've just finished animation on:
It's my first time doing subtitles. This is just a look at the cartoony style of Fido and Daisy. For the series, I've been trying to combine the humor of Chuck Jones with the pure cuteness of anime. That's all for now!

Posted by OutcastLabs - September 29th, 2010

Remember my Madness Day 2010 submission which is called "Madness Crackups"? I figured I'd do a sequel. No, it's not for the next Madness Day, it's only part 2 of my tribute to Krinkel's epic flash saga. Here's a little hint:One of the skits for the sequel to Madness Crackups will have Hank, the lead character of Madness Combat and my character Fido the Dog as the stars.

Posted by OutcastLabs - September 29th, 2010

It's me again! I can't wait to do the animation of Fido and Daisy episode 1! It's about Daisy getting revenge on Fido by using a shock collar, then Fido turns the tables by putting the collar on her. That pretty much explains what it's about. Also, I've been thinking about doing a remake of my first Fido and Daisy to coincide with the first episode of Fido and Daisy. It'll be much different than the original. Also, I'll be using music by Carl Stalling to help match the Chuck Jones/Anime style. The name of the first episode is entitled, "Shocking, isn't it?". So, I hope to see you in my next installment of my first ever Fido and Daisy production blog.

Posted by OutcastLabs - September 9th, 2010

This is OutcastLabs, and welcome to my production blog for the first episode of Fido and Daisy, my new series. I'll be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the saga of a young girl, and a dog with a bad attitude. It's going really great so far. Daisy will be voiced by CelestialAiko. Check out her channel here:
(Link) She's got a really sweet voice. For the end credits, I mostly put Fido and Daisy in a wacky situation. For the credits of the first episode, Daisy is giving Fido a bath and hilarity ensues. This'll give you an idea of the off-the-wall humor of Fido and Daisy.

Fido and Daisy:Episode 1 Production Blog#01

Posted by OutcastLabs - August 31st, 2010

I just started taking up a new hobby called Machinima. It's where you make movies out of video games. Now, I'm making a sketch-comedy series called Machinimania. I've got other projects in the works such as Fido and Daisy, but Machinimania will be a fun project to work on. For now, here's a preview of what Machinimania looks like.


Posted by OutcastLabs - August 18th, 2010

The Random Collab 2.0 is out! It was the first collab I ever participated in. It may be short, but it's really entertaining. Also, check out the parts I made which never made the final cut in my new installment of OCLabs. When the Random Collab 3 project is announced, I'll sign up for that.

Posted by OutcastLabs - August 6th, 2010

You may have heard about my new flash series "OCLabs". It's where I take ideas I made up and I animate them. Also, the Holy Sprites 2 collab just came out, because I was involved in it. Here's a little hint for you: I did 4 sprite skits. 1 of them is the grand finale. There'll be more animations to come, so stay tuned!

Posted by OutcastLabs - July 10th, 2010

It's me again! I've got some things to say here. The Kirby Krackups will be a series of short animations about Kirbie's abilities gone horribly wrong. There'll be 3 or 4 crackup for each episode. And one more thing, I've just started work on my upcoming Madness Day 2010 submission. It'll be a bunch of Madness-related skits all in one flash. I'll release it on September 22, 2010*

*That's the official date for Madness Day 2010!

Posted by OutcastLabs - June 24th, 2010

It's official! I'll be contributing to Dailytoon Season 5. While I'm at it, I'll put together my Dailytoon submissions in one flash.

Posted by OutcastLabs - June 20th, 2010

I'm currently on summer vacation! I'll be working on a lot of stuff, including Not Another Sprite Skit Show, Sonic Crack-Ups 2, and many other things.